Seven Palestinians are wounded in clashes with settlers, and Palestinian officials hold the Israeli government responsible. Palestinians launch a new diplomatic initiative for statehood. Aaron David Miller says the US will not be abandoning Israel. Israel is still considering proposing a provisional Palestinian state. Hamas says it will reshuffle its cabinet. Israel says it will demolish unauthorized outposts by the end of the year. DM Barak says Israel may ask the US for $20 billion in additional military aid. The former Dutch PM says European leaders can’t trust PM Netanyahu. Menachem Klein says Israel won’t be able to use force against the next Palestinian uprising. An extremist Rabbi calls on settlers to use violence against Israeli soldiers. Israel worries about gas supplies from Sinai. A Palestinian woman launches a successful café chain in the West Bank. Jewish students at Berkeley talk about Israel activism. Ghassan Khatib says Palestinians see a win-win scenario for peace. Yossi Alpher says weak leaders are reacting poorly across the board.

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