Hussein Ibish argues that the "Arab street" is both a pernicious myth and a dynamic reality that bears no resemblance to the bogeyman of the Western imagination. Relatives say Israel is secretly holding a Palestinian man from Gaza. PM Netanyahu is under heavy political pressure. Israeli Amb. Oren says his country welcomes Arab democracy. Uri Dromi says Israel needs a new leadership for peace. A Gaza crossing is still closed due to a transport strike as Hamas urges Egypt to ease movement of people. Netanyahu's new adviser could be a sign of change. Netanyahu requests a meeting with Pres. Obama. Hamas may be planning to resume operations in the West Bank. Israeli leftists plan a new settlement. Bedouins reject compensation from the Israeli government. Larry Derfner takes another look at pro-Israel arguments. A former Mossad chief doubts a deal between Israel and the Palestinians is possible. Israel may soon have its first museum of Arab culture and art. A Knesset committee will investigate the activities of J Street. Ahmad Majdoubeh says Israel may face Palestinian protests. The Jordan Times denounces Netanyahu's position on the Jordan Valley. Aaron David Miller says there may be a flurry of peace process activity coming up, but prospects of success bleak.

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