Kai Bird says Sheik Jarrah has come to symbolize everything that has gone wrong between Israelis and Palestinians. The LA Times looks at Israeli censorship policies, and at Pres. Obama's continuing popularity with Jewish Americans. The US is seeking to keep Israel's nuclear weapons off the table at the UN. Israel reportedly wants upcoming proximity talks to be "discreet." Hamas is short on cash. Settlers use new tactics against Palestinians. Shaul Arieli says PM Netanyahu must explain negotiations to the Israeli public. Pres. Abbas confirms negotiations will tackle all permanent status issues and seeks to expand "Area A." Israel says the PA boycott of settlement products will be raised in the talks. The BBC obtains key documents on the siege of Gaza. The Financial Times says Obama must insist on the outcome of negotiations. Walid Salem says despite obstacles, PA State building is moving forward. Omar Baddar profiles "Sleepless in Jerusalem and Gaza." John Mearsheimer says Israel will never allow Palestinian statehood and will turn into an apartheid state that will ultimately become dominated by a Palestinian majority, but Hussein Ibish says Mearsheimer is wrong and is using Palestinians as a foil in his feud with the pro-Israel lobby.

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