Yariv Oppenheimer says Palestinians are right not to continue to subsidize settlements. 15 Palestinians are injured in Israeli air raids on Gaza. A UN official says a two state solution is urgently required. Israel will allow hundreds of Arab businesspersons to attend the second investment conference in Bethlehem. Israel continues to impede Palestinian access to Highway 443. Aid agencies urge Israel to ease restrictions on Gaza. PM Netanyahu will visit the White House next week. Lt. Gen. Dayton is stepping down as special security coordinator in the fall. An Israeli extremist is banned from certain parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank. Pres. Abbas says Iran has hijacked the Palestinian cause, calls the second intifada a big mistake and says peace could be achieved in a week. Palestinian officials dismiss Israeli threats of retaliation for the boycott. Ira Lee explains why he's joining the Gaza flotilla. Ghassan Khatib says the purpose of the settlement goods boycott is to draw the distinction between Israel and the occupation. Yossi Alpher says it is an understandable but ill-timed measure.

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