More details emerge about Hamas' destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza. Palestinian students support the PA settlement goods ban. Health and economy indicators are down in Gaza but slightly up in the West Bank. Hamas dismisses the idea that Israel would reoccupy Gaza. The PA, human rights groups condemn Hamas executions. Ha'aretz says Israel should apologize for banning Noam Chomsky, and Carlo Strenger says is encourages an academic boycott and flirts with totalitarianism. Yoel Marcus says if Israel does not act, the world will force it to. Pres. Abbas reportedly says Palestine would accept NATO forces on its borders. Settlers say the PA boycott will backfire. Special Envoy Mitchell will formally launch proximity talks next week. Palestinians commemorate the Nakba. Elvis Costello cancels a concert in Israel in protest at the treatment of Palestinians. Hussain Abdul Hussain says Palestinian nonviolence may be the path to statehood. Sami Moubayed says PM Fayyad is following in a tradition of populist Arab politicians. A.B. Yehoshua says Israeli-Palestinian cooperation on peace is the best answer to Iranian meddling.

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