Israelis debate, PM Fayyad condemns, Israel's barring of Noam Chomsky and other Jewish critics from the occupied territories. Roger Cohen says the rising fortunes of a West Bank brewery are a barometer of the success of the PA's policies. The PA launches a door-to-door settlement goods boycott effort, introduces penalties for merchants. Settlers call the policy "economic terror." Palestinian girls win an award at the Intel Fair. Hamas executes three men. Xinhua asks how to tell if there is progress in talks. Israel rejects Qatari diplomatic offers. The Israeli military is concerned settler violence could spark another Palestinian uprising. Haaretz begins a series on the controversial new "Museum of Tolerance" in Jerusalem. Israel agrees to a French request to allow building materials into Gaza to rebuild a hospital. The JTA asks if PM Netanyahu's policies are alienating Israel's European allies, and interviews Aaron David Miller. Ali Sawafta and Tom Perry analyze PM Fayyad's popularity.

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