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Priority Interventions for 2010

January 2010

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Summary of Priority Interventions

The list of priority interventions highlights a total of 201 development projects which the Council of Ministers has decided to categorize as high priority initiatives for implementation through 2010 and beyond. Some of these projects are already funded and are being implemented on the ground. Others are funded, or partially funded, and are due for implementation. There are also many projects which are either unfunded or which have yet to move beyond the pledging stage.

The cost estimates represent the total cost of implementing the projects. Most projects, particularly the large infrastructure projects (which account for 67% of the total estimated cost), will take several years to complete. The PNA estimates that development expenditure during the year 2010 will be within the USD 667 million threshold established in the PRDP 2008-10 macroeconomic framework.

Table 1 below provides a summary of the number and estimated total cost of the priority interventions and their current funding and implementation status.

As Table 1 shows, 54 of the 2010 interventions, representing 27% of the total estimated cost, are already ongoing or at least partially funded. Funds have been pledged for a further 14 projects, representing 23% of the total estimated cost.

Table 1

The Council of Ministers has asked MoPAD and MoF to work closely with line ministries, other government agencies and international partners to ensure that the high priority status of these interventions is factored into future decisions regarding the allocation of internal and external resources.

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