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Priority Interventions for 2010

January 2010

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The list of high priority interventions has been developed through a joint effort by the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF), in close coordination with all PNA ministries and relevant agencies.

Development project proposals, submitted to the MoF by all PNA ministries and agencies as part of the 2010 national budgeting process, were aggregated and evaluated against the above-mentioned selection criteria. Based on this evaluation, an initial list of priority interventions was compiled and distributed to all ministries and agencies for further consultation and feedback. Civil society institutions were also consulted on their evaluation of the initial list of interventions.

Based on an assessment of the gaps in the initial budget submissions relative to the Program of the 13th Government, MoPAD also issued guidance to ministries and agencies aimed at expanding and refining the list of priority interventions. This guidance, which was endorsed by the PNA Council of Ministers, clarified the selection criteria and encouraged ministries and agencies to develop additional initiatives that specifically address gaps in eight priority areas.

A consolidated and refined list of priority interventions was submitted for debate and approval by the PNA Council of Ministers. The final list, attached at Annex 1, was approved on 28 December 2009.

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