Palestinian National Authority

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Priority Interventions for 2010

January 2010

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Guiding Principles


Summary of Priority Interventions

Next Steps


In August 2009, the 13th Government of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) announced and published its program to unify Palestinian society and friends in the international community behind the effort to end the occupation and establish the State of Palestine in two years. This document sets out the PNA’s high priority interventions to be initiated or continued in 2010 to implement this program.

The Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development and the Ministry of Finance have worked closely with all government ministries and relevant government agencies to define and initiate these priority interventions. This collaborative effort will continue as the PNA drives forward with the implementation. The PNA will also work closely with international partners to mobilize timely and effective external aid to ensure that the priority interventions deliver tangible progress and positive change for our citizens living throughout the territory occupied in June 1967.

The priority interventions pay particular attention to the need to bring equitable relief and development to all of our citizens living throughout the homeland. In order to make the State of Palestine a sustainable reality, we must deliver consistent levels of quality public services throughout the land on the 1967 borders. This requires the consolidation of institutions with jurisdiction and sovereignty across a contiguous state, and the establishment of strategic infrastructure that meets the needs of a growing and forward-looking population.

The 13th Government also places great emphasis on ensuring that the State of Palestine takes its rightful place in the international community of nations. Throughout 2010 and beyond, we will continue our proactive effort to build bridges with international partners. We want to ensure that Palestine becomes a significant contributor to constructive international relations, stability and prosperity.


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