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Priority Interventions for 2010

January 2010

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Guiding Principles

The list of high priority interventions to be initiated or continued in 2010 has been developed in line with the overarching objective of the 13th Government to unify Palestinian society and friends in the international community behind the effort to end the occupation and establish the State of Palestine in two years. This must be underpinned by support of Palestinians’ perseverance in the city of Jerusalem and reduction of the development gaps between the West Bank and Gaza. The 13th Government is therefore determined to implement its development programs throughout the Palestinian territory occupied in June 1967, irrespective of classifications or divisions imposed by the occupation regime.

These guiding principles informed four thematic areas used to identify high priority interventions in PNA ministries’ and agencies’ 2010 budget submissions. High priority has been given to interventions designed to:

  • Finalize the building of central and local government institutions that are essential to the establishment of a modern and sovereign State of Palestine on the June 1967 borders.
  • Upgade public service delivery to all citizens throughout the Palestinian territory occupied in June 1967.
  • Launch major projects to build strategically significant infrastructure throughout the Palestinian territory occupied in June 1967.
  • Improve and promote the image of Palestine internationally and the role which the State of Palestine will play in bringing stability and prosperity to the region.

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