NEWS: A split within Hamas threatens the agreement with Fatah. Pres. Abbas says Palestinian national unity doesn't contradict negotiations with Israel. A Palestinian militant being held by Israel without charge or trial is entering his 55th day of hunger strike. Racism against Arabs plagues Israel's soccer league. The chairman of the Palestinian election commission says Hamas is obstructing its work in Gaza. Jewish settlers and Palestinian villagers plant trees together. Pro-Palestinian Presbyterians take down a Facebook page after complaints from supporters of Israel. The BDS movement is trying to mainstream itself on US campuses. Egypt's intelligence chief meets with Palestinian officials. COMMENTARY: Ari Shavit says the peace process is dead but must be quickly replaced by a new, realistic approach to resolving the conflict. Israel Harel says that in spite of constant criticism from outside, Israel has achieved a great deal of normalcy. Alex Fishman says Israel is becoming overwhelmed with paranoia. Eitan Haber says soon PM Netanyahu will have to show whether he has really moderated his views or remains a staunch right-winger. Douglas Bloomfield says the US is trying to persuade Israel that sanctions on Iran are working and need to be given more time. John Whitbeck says a new language for peace must be developed. J.J. Goldberg says this time Palestinian unity might actually be accomplished. Elias Harfoush says through their agreement Palestinians are trying to regain control of their destiny. Roger Hercz says Israel is trying to determine its response to the Palestinian agreement. Karl Vick says the agreement is helping Hamas mainstream itself.

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