NEWS: Palestinian officials say they will consult the Arab League on the future of talks with Israel. Fatah and the PLO support Pres. Abbas' deal with Hamas. PA security forces arrest 56 people in Israeli-controlled areas of occupied Hebron. Many Palestinian towns in “Area C” have no electricity. Extremist settlers raid a Palestinian village near Nablus. Hamas' ties with Iran are continuing to fray. Suspended PA Economy Minister Abu Libdeh and one of his aides face corruption charges. A Likud-sponsored bill in the Knesset would provide 35% tax breaks for funding "Zionist settlement," although it does not specify where. DM Barak approves more new settlement homes, which activists say amounts to a new settlement. American musician Cat Power cancels an appearance in Israel, citing Israel's policies. Anonymous hackers threaten cyber attacks against Israeli websites. COMMENTARY: The Washington Post says unless Hamas changes its policies, Palestinian national unity will do more harm than good. Yossi Sarid says Shin Bet is looking for extremists on West Bank hilltops but can find them in the Likud Central Committee. Yoel Marcus says the Herzliya Conference turned into a forum for empty “babbling” about Iran. Guy Bechor says the Arab uprisings mean the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no longer central to Middle Eastern realities. Ziad al-Drees says the Russian and Chinese vetoes on Syria, along with continued US vetoes on Israel, show that the veto system at the UNSC is dysfunctional. George Hishmeh says money from large donors like corporations or individuals such as Sheldon Adelson show that cash still drives American elections. The Arab News welcomes the Palestinian agreement, but says moving forward will not be easy. Zvi Bar'el says the Palestinian agreement should prompt the Quartet to adopt policies designed to push Hamas towards accepting a two-state solution. Yusef Harb says Palestinian political factions must catch up with the movement of the public. Alon Ben-Meir says psychology is key to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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