NEWS: Israel says failed bombings in Bangkok are linked to attacks on its diplomats in India and Georgia, and again accuses Iran of being responsible. The attacks may be retaliation for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. Pres. Abbas says the world needs to remember the principles and terms of reference underlining the peace process. The PA cabinet agrees to limit increases on the top bracket, but raises taxes overall as foreign aid declines. Hamas Politburo head Mishaal and Gaza leader Haniyyeh meet in Qatar but are unable to resolve differences over the agreement with Abbas. Israel approves a tourist center in a highly contentious Arab neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel's justice minister is filmed instructing Israeli extremists how to formulate pardon requests. Palestinians are increasingly adopting, and training themselves, in nonviolent tactics. Def. Sec. Panetta says he doesn't think Israel has decided to attack Iran. COMMENTARY: The Washington Post says the US should make its red lines on the Iranian nuclear program clear to Israel. Lara Friedman says Israel's ability to deal with its largest “unauthorized” settlement could determine the country's entire future. Akiva Eldar says neither Abbas nor Pres. Obama should expect any political help from PM Netanyahu. Ha'aretz calls a new "cultural center" in the Israeli settlement of Ariel its “Academy for Occupation.” Bradley Burston says Iran is the best friend of the settlers. Ray Hanania says negotiations are at an impasse due to bad decisions by both leaderships. The Forward says Jewish Americans should stop overreacting to the BDS campaign. Hani al-Masri says the real question is how Israel will react to the Hamas-Fatah agreement. Yisrael Harel says Israelis will probably conclude that the agreement means any deal they make with the Palestinians won't stick. Hussein Ibish analyzes the bitter dispute growing among Hamas leaders.

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