NEWS: Fatah officials say Gaza-based Hamas leaders are wrong in claiming the terms of the Palestinian agreement are illegal. Many Palestinians express skepticism about the agreement. The State Department reacts cautiously to the announced deal. The EU says it doesn't anticipate any change in aid to the Palestinians. The Israeli High Court rules to preserve the remnants of a Palestinian village depopulated in the 1948 war. Israel is relinquishing copyright control of its National Photo Collection. The CSM profiles Hamas. Two brothers are killed by unknown assailants in Nablus. A Palestinian “public freedom” committee suspends its work, saying neither major party shows any interest. COMMENTARY: Ha'aretz says PM Netanyahu is punishing Israel by avoiding peace. Zvi Bar'el says Americans are right to be upset about the Russian veto on a UN Syria resolution, but should remember its own history of vetoes on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Carlo Strenger says the violence in Syria doesn't justify the occupation, but it does reinforce the dangerous region Israel faces. Elliott Abrams says if Hamas is admitted to PLO or PA without changing its current policies, Palestinians will have abandoned the peace track. The Jerusalem Post interviews former Israeli ambassador to the US Sallai Meridor. Mati Wagner asks if Hamas is really preparing to revise its policies. Nida Tuma says Palestinians managed to live happy lives in spite of the onerous occupation. The Gulf Times says the Palestinian agreement should be seen as a major victory for Qatari diplomacy. Yossi Alpher says Abbas is juggling multiple initiatives, while Israel has none at all. Ghassan Khatib says the goal of the Palestinian agreement is democratization.

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