NEWS: Israeli officials confirm they are not only planning building in the sensitive E1 corridor, but also the extremely controversial Givat HaMatos settlement near Beit Safafa. Israeli media reports suggest construction is aimed more at the United States than at the Palestinians. Leading European states and Australia summon Israel's ambassadors to complain about settlement construction. The US also intensifies its criticism. Palestinians say they might pursue war crimes charges if Israel continues with the settlement plan. Palestinian officials say they're ready to resume negotiations with Israel. Israel arrests settlers suspected of attacks in the occupied West Bank. The UN General Assembly calls on Israel to open its nuclear facilities to international inspection. Hamas' leader Al-Zahar says armed struggle is the only way forward for Palestinians. The UN accuses Syria of violating the 1974 cease-fire terms with Israel. COMMENTARY: ATFP calls on the US to ensure Israel doesn't build in E1. Hussein Ibish says the international community must stop Israel's settlement plan or drop the pretense of pursuing a two-state solution. The New York Times says Netanyahu is making a strategic mistake by planning to build in E1. Reuven Pedatzur says, now that the war is over, Israeli officials must explain their decision to assassinate Hamas commander Jabari. Ha'aretz says Netanyahu is behaving recklessly. Shlomo Avineri explains how Israel might've used the Palestinian UN initiative to its own advantage. Emanuel Rosen says extremists on both sides are leading Israel and the Palestinians towards disaster. Gerson Baskin says the conflict is entering a lose-lose scenario, although it is not too late. Ian Black says it's time for Europe to propose its own peace initiative. Mary Robinson and Martti Ahtisaari say Europe can make its voice heard by boycotting settlement products. Yossi Alpher looks of the lessons of the recent Gaza conflict. The Daily Star says if the West wants peace, it's going to have to stand up to Israel on settlements. Blake Hounshell interviews former PM Olmert. Alon Pinkas says the two-state solution is in big trouble. Michael Koplow says Netanyahu is bluffing about building in E1.

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