NEWS: Syrian government forces kill at least 25 Palestinian refugees, as PFLP-GC leader Jibril flees the Yarmouk camp outside Damascus. Pres. Abbas calls on waring factions in Syria to avoid attacking Palestinian refugees. PM Fayyad urges Palestinians to boycott Israeli goods in protest of Israel's withholding of Palestinian tax revenues. FM Lieberman resignes after being charged with "breach of trust" and other criminal indictments. Palestinian issues are playing almost no role in the unfolding Israeli election. Two Palestinian journalists working for Reuters are beaten and abused by Israeli soldiers. A Palestinian film wins two awards at the Dubai film festival. Israel allows a small shipment of agricultural products to be exported from Gaza. The Emir of Qatar may visit the occupied West Bank and meet with Abbas soon. Abbas sends condolences to Pres. Obama on the massacre at a school in Connecticut. Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian man in southern Gaza. Hamas resumes a public presence in the West Bank. A Palestinian official criticizes the Middle East Quartet and its representative Tony Blair as "useless." COMMENTARY: Qantara interviews Sari Nusseibeh. Aner Shalev says a vote for PM Netanyahu amounts to a vote for Hamas. Chris McGreal says the new potential for Palestinian action on Israeli settlement activity at the ICC could help re-start peace talks. The Forward looks at a new theatrical production by Miriam Said and Vanessa Redgrave. Nermeen Murad says it may be time to start looking more carefully at a potential confederation between Jordan and Palestine. Omar Wehbeh looks at the security plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

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