NEWS: PLO officials say they are launching a campaign to restart negotiations with Israel. Hamas celebrates its anniversary with a fiery speech by Politburo leader Mishaal, who vows never to recognize Israel. Many in Gaza, however, are in no mood to celebrate. The PA says it will allow a Hamas rally in the West Bank. PM Netanyahu says the event proves Israel's security is threatened, and Israeli security officials say Hamas is trying to reactivate "sleeper cells" in the West Bank. Concerns are growing in Israel about the prospects for another Palestinian uprising. Pres. Abbas appeals for urgent Arab financial aid. Arab states promise $100 million a month as a "safety net" for the PA. Many Palestinian political figures call for national unity. Some Israelis are comforted by the Iron Dome missile-defense system, while others see it as insulation from deep-seated problems. PA anti-corruption officials say they are following new leads in the Rashid case. Israeli occupation forces arrest 13 Palestinians in the West Bank. Qatar proposes the Arab League withdraw the Arab Peace Initiative. Israeli authorities say undercover antiterrorism units can only take action against Arabs, not Jewish settlers. The EU is reportedly mulling ways for pressing Israel not to go ahead with its planned E1 settlement expansion. COMMENTARY: ATFP Board member Saliba Sarsar says after the UN vote, Israelis and Palestinians need to look for new paths to reconciliation. Thomas Friedman says Israeli hawks risk self-fulfilling prophecies of danger for Israel. The LA Times says Israel's settlement expansion plans only hurt itself. Ha'aretz says Israel has to stop destroying Palestinian cisterns in the West Bank. Leon Wieseltier says he no longer believes Israel and the Palestinians will achieve peace in his lifetime. Eitan Haber says Mishaal's speech shows prospects for peace are receding. David Myers says there are many important parallels between where Palestinians are today and Zionists were in 1947. Jeffrey Goldberg says Australia's UN abstention shows Israel's international allies are greatly diminishing. James Carroll says everyone concerned about peace and Israel's future needs to oppose the E1 settlement plan. Paul Pillar says Mishaal's recent Gaza speech plays perfectly into the hands of Netanyahu. Peter Beinart worries that a second term Obama administration will choose a policy of "benign neglect" regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The National says Hamas is failing the Palestinian people.

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