NEWS: A new US intelligence report predicts a Palestinian state will be created approximately along the 1967 lines, but possibly without a full peace agreement with Israel, by 2030. PM Netanyahu accuses the international community of "double standards," and claims settlements are no obstacle to a Palestinian state. Hamas calls for Palestinian national unity. The EU, though saying it is "dismayed" by Israeli settlement expansion plans, takes no action. PLO leaders call on the EU to review relations with Israel. Hamas bans Israeli-provided Internet services in Gaza. Approximately half of the Palestinian citizens of Israel may not be planning to vote in the upcoming election. Israeli occupation forces raid the offices of a Palestinian NGO in Ramallah and reportedly assault the staff at a Bethlehem school. Israeli occupation authorities say they will yet again demolish the access road to the West Bank village of Qarawat Bani Hassan. Israel's Foreign Ministry says it's launching a campaign to equate Pres. Abbas with Hamas. FM Lieberman says Palestinian police officers who clash with Israeli occupation troops "should not remain alive." The BBC looks at "unusual careers" for youth in Gaza due to the blockade. Sources say Khalid Mishal is preparing to retract his resignation as Hamas' leader. COMMENTARY: Alan Baker points out that no Palestinian state has been created. Reuven Pedatzur says the recent UN vote was the best in 65 years. Charles Freilich criticizes the policies of both Netanyahu and Abbas. Linda Heard says Mishal's Gaza speech only bolsters Israeli propaganda. Ophir Pines-Paz thinks Abbas has reached the end of the road politically. Frank Jacobs says Israel doesn't have to worry about running out of oil. Frida Ghitis says Israeli leaders need to start making more intelligent strategic decisions.

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