NEWS: Israel disputes Syria’s account of the deadly Golan border incident. Palestinians accuse settlers of torching a mosque in the occupied West Bank, and PM Netanyahu condemns the attack. 14 Palestinians are reportedly killed in a refugee camp in Syria. Palestinian officials deny that Washington meetings are indirect talks with Israel. The Media Line looks at legal obstacles to a Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN. Robert Fisk of the Independent purports to have new details on the Palestinian reconciliation agreement. Israel’s plans to forcibly relocate 30,000 Bedouins is denounced as “cruel.” COMMENTARY: Sefi Rachlevsky says Meir Dagan is being subjected to unfair attacks. Ha’aretz says Israel had a tactical victory and a strategic defeat at the Golan border. Gershon Baskin says that whatever happens in September, a third violent intifada must be prevented at all costs. Joseph Dana says Israel’s occupation looks permanent. The Jordan Times and Gulf News say Israel has again shown its true colors at the Golan border. Palestinian nonviolent activist Bassem Tamimi addresses the Israeli military court which is trying him. Ephraim Sneh says the Palestinian and Israeli right-wings stand against a two-state solution. Ghassan Khatib says all Palestinians are affected by the Gaza blockade. Issam Younis says Israel’s claims to no longer be responsible for Gaza are false.

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