NEWS: Amr Moussa reiterates that the Arab League is committed to Palestinian statehood. Gaza hospitals reportedly face a critical shortage of supplies. An Israeli lawsuit against Al Jazeera is dismissed. Given nternational opposition, Palestinian leaders are split on a UN statehood bid in September, and reports claim PM Fayyad is the foremost critic of the idea. Hamas says it will not accept that Fayyad continues in office. Ha’aretz outlines Israel’s strategy for combating Palestinian diplomatic plans to approach the UN. The BBC looks at the deadly incidents at the Golan Heights border. One of Hamas’ founders dies. COMMENTARY: Carlo Strenger says Israeli right-wingers are living in a colonial past. Alex Fishman says Israel needs to move quickly to develop nonlethal means to deal with unarmed protesters. The Gulf News says of 1967 borders are key to peace. Aijaz Zaka Syed says there needs to be an Arab lobby in the United States. Henry Siegman says Pres. Obama is wrong and that the UN could create a Palestinian state if the US supported that. Ha’aretz says it’s unclear whether or not unfolding events will lead to another intifada. The Economist says PM Netanyahu is trying to divert the attention of Israelis from diplomatic dangers ahead. The Forward looks at the language used by Netanyahu and Obama in recent weeks. A Palestinian teenager outlines the difficulties of living without citizenship. R.M. Schneiderman examines new claims that Henry Kissinger encouraged Egypt to attack Israel in 1973.

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