Mustafa Barghouthi says peace requires accepting that Palestinians are equal humans to Israelis. Ha’aretz says PM Netanyahu must accept the French invitation. David Horovitz looks at Israel’s battle to convince European states not to support a Palestinian UN statehood bid. Jacques Neriah says Israel has no idea how to deal with unarmed demonstrators. The Jerusalem Post says if critics of Dagan think he’s wrong, they must say why. Ronen Medzini says Israelis remain deeply concerned about possible diplomatic developments in September. The National says Israel’s isolation is growing. Adel Safty says Pres. Obama has shown his approach is different from former Pres. Bush in substance as well as style. Kieron Monks says discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel is growing. Alain Gresh looks at the Palestinian version of the “Arab Spring.” Tal Becker says Israelis urgently need to create a new discourse and strategy.

Israeli soldiers open fire on protesters at the border between Syria and the occupied Golan Heights. Israel’s outgoing intelligence chief Meir Dagan questions the judgment of political leaders. Pres. Abbas says he will attend a French peace conference if talks are based on the 1967 borders, and Israel says it’s considering the issue. Hamas officials close the border crossing with Egypt in protest at ongoing restrictions. Analysts say Egypt’s new government may facilitate a deal on a captured Israeli soldier. Israeli analysts think border incidents leave Israel in a no-win situation. The Israeli military says protesters “caused their own deaths.” The Media Line looks at Palestinian nonviolence and Israeli military responses.

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