Pres. Abbas urges continuation US aid and says Hamas will not have a role in the West Bank. The push for unity highlights divisions in Palestinian society. The New York Times says the US should not cut off aid to the PA. The Washington Post interviews the new Egyptian FM. Richard North Patterson says the US and Israel need a Palestinian state. A Palestinian man is wounded in a shooting in the West Bank. Reuters interviews Hamas leader Misha’al. Hamas pledges to coordinate all decisions regarding Israel with Fatah, may be considering recognizing Israel, and may agree to Egyptian terms for releasing a captured Israeli soldier. Abbas reportedly wants PM Fayyad to continue in his post, and says national unity is crucial for peacemaking. Israeli officials think Hamas signed the unity deal from a position of weakness. Zvi Bar'el says the agreement has cast PM Netanyahu adrift. Abbas meets representatives of J Street. Kadima leader Livni says that a settlement freeze would have prevented the Palestinian unity deal. Pres. Peres says Abbas is still Israel’s partner. Egypt will grant citizenship to children of Palestinian fathers and Egyptian mothers. World leaders urge Israel to release Palestinian tax revenues. Hamas’ militia may be trying to seize power. Magid Shihade looks at the balance of forces between Fatah and Hamas. Rami Khouri says Palestinians have given up on the US and Israel. Refugees in Lebanon support the agreement. Khairallah Khairallah says Israel hopes that Hamas will continue the bin Laden tradition. Hussein Ibish looks at political obstacles to implementing Palestinian state-building.

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