Pres. Abbas calls on the UN to create a Palestinian state. PM Netanyahu outlines his positions before his US trip, especially criticism of Hamas, but expectations have fizzled. The Washington Post says Syria is responsible for Israeli forces killing Palestinian protesters, and the CSM says both sides were at fault. David Makovsky asks how far Netanyahu will go for peace. Palestinians say they are making progress in forming a new government, which Netanyahu already says will not be a peace partner. Italy is the latest country to upgrade the status of the Palestinian mission. The UN says 149 Palestinian children have been displaced by Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes so far this year. Unity agreements and protests are giving some Palestinians a sense of empowerment. Reuters says the Nakba Day protests were the Palestinian version of the “Arab Spring,” and analysts say they may have found a new tactic. Refugees in Syria and Lebanon bury those killed in the protests. Likud members demand annexation of West Bank settlements. Israeli officials exchange accusations about intelligence failures. Ha’aretz says the protests were not a threat to Israel. Amir Oren says Netanyahu’s failings as a leader have been exposed. Palestinians say peace is possible “within days” but Israel isn’t interested. Pres. Obama is expected to endorse Palestinian statehood along 1967 lines but not a UN statehood bid. Gershon Baskin says Palestinians are feeling a new wave of confidence. Aluf Benn says more conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is likely.

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