The Palestinian reconciliation accord brings a new sense of urgency to the issue. The CUNY trustee who blocked an award for playwright Tony Kushner implies Palestinians are “not human.” PM Netanyahu says Israel could accept Palestinian statehood by September under certain conditions and that France will insist on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Israeli troops arrest five Palestinians in Jenin. Hamas leader Misha’al criticizes the killing and burial of Osama bin Laden. Hamas says it will maintain the de facto truce with Israel. Settlers are using tourism to draw other Israelis to the West Bank. Netanyahu says only negotiations can achieve peace. Analysts say international pressure is likely to force Israel to keep transferring Palestinian taxes to the PA, but Israel’s finance minister ridicules the idea. The UN stages Gaza’s first marathon. Nehemia Shtrasler says Netanyahu doesn’t seem to understand time is not on Israel’s side. Another Israeli cabinet minister calls for annexing occupied territories in the event of Palestinian statehood recognition. Sec. Clinton reiterates that Hamas must accept the Quartet conditions to become an interlocutor. J Street says a new Palestinian government should be given a trial period. The “Arab Spring” poses new problems or Israel. The unity deal meets with guarded praise in the Middle East press. PM Cameron says Hamas must recognize Israel. David Makovsky asks if the unity agreement will threaten Palestinian commitments. Palestinian parties begin the process of forming a new government. Hassan Haidar says the unity agreement will make it harder to exploit the Palestinian cause. Ahmad Majdoubeh says Palestinians should declare statehood. Abdel Monem Said Aly says the Arab-Israeli conflict will now be judged on democratic principles. Hamid Alkifaey says a democratic Arab world will embrace peace with Israel.

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