Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu are upbeat after their White House meeting. Israel is preparing to indict some soldiers for misconduct during the Gaza war. Several commentaries suggest that Pres. Obama has been trying to reassure Israel of US commitments with security in preparation for more pressure on peace moves. Aaron David Miller outlines steps for successful summit. A PA Minister is banned from entering Israel. Hamas arrests alleged collaborators. A reported secret document outlines US-Israeli nuclear cooperation. Two thirds of Palestinians oppose rocket attacks on Israel. Right wing Israeli MKs affirm that Pres. Obama is “still evil.” The JTA asks what the substance behind the meeting really was. Tariq Alhomayed says Israel is using Iran as an excuse not to move forward on peace, and that Iran is using Israel as an excuse for expanding its hegemony. Shlomo Avineri praises Palestinian state and institution building.

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