The New York Times looks at diminishing hopes for negotiations, and says settlement building has continued apace in spite of the partial moratorium. A Jerusalem home demolition leaves a Palestinian mother and four children homeless. Fatah says conditions are not right for direct talks. A Libyan aid ship to Gaza docks in Egypt and will ship its supplies overland. Israeli police suspect an alleged Jewish terrorist has killed four Palestinians. Ha'aretz says Israeli security is increasingly challenged by Jewish terrorism. Gideon Levy says PM Netanyahu is not being honest with the Israeli public. Special Envoy Mitchell arrives in the region to push for direct negotiations. A former Israeli official says Israel knows it cannot stay in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers are convicted for shooting a bound Palestinian prisoner. British Jews overwhelmingly support a two-state solution. Joseph Kechichian says Lebanon must treat Palestinian refugees better. Daoud Kuttab looks at threats to Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. Raja Kamal outlines problems facing Palestinian citizens of Israel. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists looks at a new film about Palestinian nonviolent protests against the occupation.

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