The New York Times profiles the suffering of the people of Gaza under the blockade. Michael Singh says peace in the Middle East will be difficult, but is a win-win scenario. A Palestinian woman is killed and five others injured by Israeli shelling in Gaza, and a 13-year-old boy is shot. The Knesset revokes key parliamentary privileges of a Palestinian MK. The US expresses concern over Israel's destruction of six Palestinian buildings in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli police are delaying the court-ordered evacuation of settlers in Jerusalem. Bradley Burston says Israelis need a Gandhi of their own. The Jerusalem municipality honors convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Israel tells a Hamas leader to leave Jerusalem or face jail. Nahum Barnea says the ball is now in Pres. Abbas' court, but PM Netanyahu faces grave difficulties. Israel considers allowing Israelis to visit West Bank cities again. The Forward says it's not too late for a two-state solution. Saad bin Tefla says Netanyahu's strategy is succeeding. Ian Buruma says Jewish suffering is no excuse for Israel's behavior. Yossi Alpher says the warmth following the Obama-Netanyahu meeting may be short-lived.

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