Tax exempt US funds are used to support Israeli settlement activity. Israel outlines its new Gaza policies. Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu meet to try to repair US-Israel relations. Israel bans Palestinian West Bank agricultural products from Jerusalem. PM Fayyad and DM Barak meet to discuss security. Robert Danin says time is running out for an agreement. The CSM says Netanyahu must offer concessions to Obama. A new report by B'Tselem says 42% of the West Bank is controlled by settlements, and Seth Freedman says many should be evacuated. The PA wraps up its store-to-store settlement goods boycott campaign. Ira Sharkansky dismisses diplomatic moves, but Hussein Ibish defends them. Palestinian officials call on the US to make decisive decisions. Akiva Eldar says Netanyahu will present unworkable “security borders” at the meeting. Numerous Gazans claim to have been used as human shields during the Gaza war. Orly Azoulay says Obama will politely tell Netanyahu the time is now for a Palestinian state. In These Times interviews Hussein Ibish. On the Ibishblog, Ibish says adroit Palestinian diplomacy has set the stage for the Netanyahu meeting.

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