The LA Times profiles Israeli television satire. Palestinian factions meet in Gaza. Pres. Abbas says he is determined to move forward with peace, and PM Netanyahu says talks may begin in weeks. Israel's mayor in Jerusalem says he will demolish a settler structure and 200 Palestinian homes. The US tells Israel that easing the siege of Gaza would help contain fallout from the Goldstone report. A Jerusalem Post commentary says Israeli war confessionals can only be done anonymously. Jewish groups face divisions over J Street's move onto campuses. Aluf Benn says Israelis do not understand their global image and Avi Shlaim complains about the performance of Quartet Envoy Blair. In the Forward, ATFP President Ziad Asali calls for an Arab and Jewish American led coalition for peace. Several Arab commentaries say Israel should face international justice. Joshua Muravchik rebutts a scurrilous attack on ATFP.

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