An aide to Pres. Abbas is suspended following sexual harassment allegations. Hamas detains a British journalist for 15 days. Sec. Clinton says US can't force Israel and the Palestinians into talks, and meets with Palestinian negotiators in Qatar. The PIF plans a new IT Park. Rep. Baird says the US should break the blockade of Gaza. Hamas is being increasingly challenged by more extreme Islamists. Palestinian protesters pose as Na'vi from "Avatar." Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian in Hebron. Ha'aretz profiles PM Fayyad, and Ziad AbuZayyad says he deserves congratulations for his Herzliya speech. Israel's Defense Ministry identifies settlements in violation of the partial settlement freeze. Amira Hass describes the arrest of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy by occupation forces. Robert Fisk asks what has happened to Israel's self-image, and Donald Macintyre says a new Israeli McCarthyism is stifling internal criticism. The Israeli military is actively working with Human Rights Watch. Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Israeli Deputy FM Ayalon. Helga Baumgarten says Pres. Abbas' successor is likely to be a Palestinian security figure.

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