In spite of the last-minute reprieve, funding disputes threaten Gaza's electricity supply. Israeli warplanes bomb southern Gaza. UNRWA issues another appeal for funding. Gaza journalists are caught up in the Hamas-Fatah rivalry. Pres. Abbas says he still waiting for US clarification on new talks. An Israeli man is stabbed in the occupied West Bank. Tensions flare between Israel's Defense Minister and military Chief of Staff. A.B. Yehoshua says peace with the Palestinians is Israel's best response to Iran. The PA says a new corruption scandal is an Israeli conspiracy. Matthew Levitt asks if Gaza is going the way of Somalia and Yemen. Jonathan Freedland says Palestinians should call PM Netanyahu's bluff. Gazan tunnelers dig ever deeper. Tony Karon says Israelis must feel a price for occupation. David Newman says there is ample room for a peace agreement land swap.

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