Israel says no charges will be filed in the case of an American badly injured by occupation forces in the West Bank. Controversy continues over Israel's alleged use of white phosphorus in the Gaza war. The term of the Palestinian parliament expires. Hamas says prisoner negotiations with Israel have ended, and insists that it's not afraid of elections. Three explosive devices wash up on a beach in Israel. Iran blames Israel for the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai, but Hamas points to Arab killers. Jordan is criticized for stripping citizenship from Palestinians. Israel risks Muslim anger over holy site construction. The limited settlement moratorium is reportedly starting to have an impact. King Abdallah of Jordan urges more US peace efforts. Pres. Abbas is seeking a way to return to peace talks, and The National says people should heed his warnings. The UN presents evidence contradicting Israel's claims about Gaza war crimes. Palestinian politicians in Israel say they face persecution. Tariq Alhomayed asks whether Hamas is threatening Israel or the Arabs when it pledges revenge for the Dubai murder. Hussein Ibish analyzes the new PA budget for state and institution building.

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