Special Envoy Mitchell seeks to restart peace negotiations and is interviewed by Charlie Rose. Israel agrees to pay the UN $10.5 million in Gaza war damages. Hamas' military options are being constrained by anti-smuggling efforts and a new Israeli rocket defense system. Abbas is shoring up Arab support for the Palestinian position. Israeli air attacks kill three Palestinians in Gaza. Israel has announced a further easing of its temporary, partial settlement moratorium. A senior PLO official says talks may begin within weeks, but Israel reiterates its rejection of a two-year timetable. The Independent publishes a recollection of the Gaza war. The Jordan Times says ownership of the Dead Sea scrolls should be determined by international mediation. The Arab News says Israel's new rocket defense system removes the justification for the siege of Gaza. Egypt's ambassador to Saudi Arabia says its new Gaza border barrier is aimed at smuggling of contraband, not food, and Abdel-Moneim Said says Egypt is defending its vital national interests. Aaron Miller says the Obama administration is beginning to recognize the difficulties of pursuing Middle East peace.

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