Israel is accused of restricting access to Palestinian detainees. A Ha'aretz commentary says Israel is alienating its Arab citizens. Fatah leaders are concerned about Israel's commitment to security cooperation. Israel's comptroller says it has failed on Arab public diplomacy. A Jerusalem Post analysis says Saudi Arabia will not succeed in crafting an independent Arab alliance in the Middle East. A Guardian commentary decries the situation facing Palestinians in Hebron. Elliott Abrams says the focus should be on developing the West Bank rather than peace talks. The Forward looks at rising mistrust between the US and Israel in recent weeks. The Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem is slammed for selling land in the occupied territories to Israel. Ali Ibrahim says Egypt has a right to defend its borders. Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzuq. A commentary in the Gulf News says the US must get tough on Israel, and the Jordan Times says Pres. Abbas is right to be wary of negotiating with PM Netanyahu. Daoud Kuttab reflects on the Palestinian need for dignity. Saudi Arabia and China say Israel is scuttling peace efforts. Internecine Palestinian violence spreads from the occupied territories to Lebanon. An ATFP original translation of a Hassan Al-Battal commentary argues that Islamists are degrading the centrality of the Palestinian question.

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