The occupation poses problems for Israel's bid to join the OECD. Palestinian rights groups press for investigations into Gaza war conduct. The PLO is pushing for a temporary settlement freeze in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel is withholding work permits for NGO employees in the occupied territories. A Ha'aretz commentary says the GOP victory in Massachusetts is a gain for PM Netanyahu. The Israeli government accredits Ariel University in the occupied West Bank. The Vatican says the occupation foments conflict. Fatah members complain that PM Fayyad's policies are weakening their party. Gershon Baskin says Israel's generosity in Haiti contrasts with callousness towards the Palestinians. The UN says the siege of Gaza is creating health risks. The BBC profiles the struggle over occupied East Jerusalem. Israel's press freedom ranking plummets due to Gaza policies. Osama Al Sharif says FM Lieberman is the future of Israeli politics.

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