September 16th

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Tuesday with outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, amid doubt of the possibility of a breakthrough (1). South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu issues a report to the United Nations challenging Israel?s shelling of Gaza (2). A Palestinian high school in Jerusalem starts a girls? basketball team, challenging some community norms (3). The European Union condemns the recent violent activity of West Bank settlers (4).

September 15th

Palestinian President Abbas is interviewed by Haaretz (1) as the Palestinian Authority's security efforts are gaining wider acknowledgement (10). Israeli police investigate ?pogrom? by settlers (5) while the Israeli government debates settler evacuation (9). Peace talks continue (3) (7) even as commentators urge focus on stabilizing the situation on the ground (11).

September 12th

The New York Times reports on positive signs coming out of the West Bank city of Jenin (1). Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas comments on the status of talks with Israel (3, 5). Improved security conditions are taking hold in Hebron (6). ATFP Board Member Saliba Sarsar writes about the life of Dan Bar-On (7).

September 11th

IDF soldiers shoot and kill a Palestinian during a raid last night in the West Bank city of Nablus (1). In an op-ed for the Washington Post Daniel Seidemann cautions against his hometown of Jerusalem being used to influence U.S. voters (2). Human -rights group B?Tselem reports that Israeli authorities and settlers have seized large tracts of land in the West Bank to be used as ?security zones? (3). Palestinian security forces are making a positive difference in the West Bank town of Hebron (4).

September 10th

The Guardian examines the recently prominent role of video footage in telling the story of occupation (1). Officials from Hamas and Islamic Jihad meet in Syria to discuss tension between the two groups within Gaza (2). Amr Musa, the Secretary General of the Arab League warns about possible sanctions against the fractured Palestinian groups (4). Yossi Alpher comments on the reestablishment of relations between Hamas and Jordan (5). Extensive delay at an IDF checkpoint causes the stillborn birth of a Palestinian child (8).

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