NEWS: Changing official logos and letterheads of the PA to "the State of Palestine" shows the limitations of symbolic measures. Palestinians dismiss Israel's objections to the move. PM Netanyahu's frontrunner status in the upcoming Israeli election comes with certain political dangers. Pres. Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary leaves some in Israel uneasy, but Deputy FM Ayalon defends the nominee. Sen. Rand Paul tells Pres. Abbas the US as opposed to Palestine joining more multilateral agencies. More fighting is reported in a large Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, with five killed. Abbas appoints a new leadership for the Fatah committee in the Gaza. Teachers in the occupied West Bank are unable to afford transportation due to unpaid wages. Israeli security forces say there has been a significant rise in "terror acts" in the West Bank in the past two months. The EU says it wants to promote informal, "Track II," talks between Israelis and Palestinians. Gaza's archaeological treasures are at risk from war and neglect. A Palestinian farmer is engaged in a long-term struggle to reclaim his land from settlers. COMMENTARY: Roger Cohen says Israel's true friends, like Obama and Hagel, are willing to criticize it. Chemi Shalev says the dysfunctional Obama-Netanyahu relationship is the main cause of the Hagel controversy. Peter Beinart says mainstream Jewish groups like AIPAC aren't going to fight the Hagel nomination. Aaron David Miller says Hagel's views on Israel should not be any kind of litmus test for his nomination. Or Kashti says Israel's education minister is a threat to education and free thinking. The Guardian interviews right-wing Israeli politician Naftali Bennett, who vows there will never be a Palestinian state. Mohammad Yaghi asks if Israel's considering a "Jordanian option" for the occupied West Bank. Shlomi Eldar looks at a new Israeli movie about former security officials, "The Gatekeepers." Frida Ghitis says no one should give up on a two-state solution. Hussein Ibish says the growing controversy between the UAE and the Muslim Brotherhood has implications for the whole region, including Palestine.

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