NEWS: The New York Times profiles Israel's new political star, Yair Lapid. Relations between Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu may thaw following Israel's election. The vote is seen as strengthening Obama's hand with Netanyahu. Hamas reportedly detains six journalists in Gaza. Israel arrests two senior PA officials in occupied East Jerusalem. Palestinians say if Israel goes ahead with building in E1 and other sensitive areas of the occupied West Bank, they will have no choice but to file a complaint with the ICC. Palestinian witnesses accuse Israeli soldiers of killing a 22-year-old Palestinian woman "in cold blood." Hamas leader Haniyeh invites the Palestinian election commission to resume working in Gaza. PLO officials say they will invite Israelis for talks before the next Israeli government is formed. Amb. Rice says the US doesn't recognize the use of the term "State of Palestine" following last year's UN vote. COMMENTARY: The New York Times urges Obama to reengage Middle East peace, but spend the requisite political capital and lay the groundwork. Roger Cohen sees real signs of hope in the Israeli election outcome. Xinhua interviews PLO official Mohamed Ishteyah. Benedetta Berti says the Israeli election could provide the basis for improved policies towards the Palestinians. Chemi Shalev says any new centrist Israeli coalition will be quickly undone by Palestinian issues. Avner Gvaryahu says Israeli occupation forces have rules of engagement in the occupied Palestinian territories, but these are superseded by the need to dominate another people. The Forward says Netanyahu now has the final vote in the Israeli election: forming a coalition. Rachel Shabi says Lapid's strong showing in the election is a victory of celebrity over substance. The Daily Star argues it makes little difference to Palestinians who wins Israel's elections. Aaron David Miller says Obama and Netanyahu are now forced to try to get along with each other.

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