NEWS: PM Netanyahu is expected to win today's election in Israel. A candidate from the right wing "Jewish Home" party generates controversy with comments imagining "blowing up" Muslim holy sites in occupied East Jerusalem. The Arab League urges Palestinian citizens of Israel to vote. Palestinians say they see no hope for peace in Israel's election. UK FM Hague says without progress this year, "people will increasingly conclude that a two state solution has become impossible." The Malaysian PM is visiting Gaza. Three protesters are injured by Palestinian security services during a disturbance at a refugee camp near Ramallah. Netanyahu's relationship with Obama is expected to remain tense. The UN says trauma and PTSD have more than doubled in Gaza since the November conflict. The Economist looks at a new film about the looting of Palestinian libraries in 1948. COMMENTARY: The Washington Post urges the Obama administration to press Netanyahu to form a centrist coalition. Bernard Avishai and Sam Bahour say the parties desperately need American leadership and the second Obama term provides a huge opportunity. Sefi Rachlevsky says it's pointless voting for Netanyahu. Eitan Haber says Israelis must look for "the best of a bad lot." Gershon Baskin says Israelis are celebrating their democracy. Aluf Benn says the biggest beneficiary will probably be political newcomer Yair Lapid. Douglas Feith argues that Israelis aren't turning to the right, they're just recognizing there is no Palestinian peace partner, while Linda Heard sees Israelis as preferring aggressive policies over peace. Hussein Ibish says superficial Palestinian "unity" deals shouldn't come at the expense of vital institution-building policies.

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