Direct negotiations are haunted by the settlement issue and some experts worry they are too ambitious. Sec. Clinton urges Israelis and Palestinians to seek a future of peace. Ghaith Al-Omari, Gideon Grinstein and Aaron David Miller look back at previous negotiations. Hussein Ibish analyzes the settlement question. Ahmad Tibi says pressure on PM Netanyahu will be the key. Mohammed Dajani and Michael Zakim say there is hope for peace. The PA arrests two suspects in the killing of Israeli settlers near Hebron. Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza vow further attacks against Israelis. The US is pressuring Pres. Abbas to continue negotiations with or without a settlement freeze extension. The BBC looks at why Israeli-Palestinian peace is so crucial to American interests. Settlers voice opposition to negotiations. Daoud Kuttab looks at the Palestinian strategy for liberation. Shlomo Avineri says even cynics should entertain some hopes. The Arab News says the talks are off to a good start.

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