Sec. Clinton says a deal on settlements is possible and stresses the importance of negotiations. The Israeli government purchases the @israel twitter identity from a Spanish pornographer. Roger Cohen says most Israelis are uninterested in the peace talks. Residents of a West Bank settlement worry about their future. Israelis are not sure what to expect from their own leadership. The CSM says there is no Israeli consensus on settlements. Palestinians deny there is a crisis in the talks and say they will focus on land, borders and security. A new report says peace is the key to Palestinian economic revival. Israelis complain that a Palestinian “all or nothing” attitude is hampering talks. Israeli authorities in Jerusalem are considering more than 1,000 new settler housing units. A new report says settlers receive 22% more budgetary allocations than other Israelis. Another report says Israeli soldiers are rarely accountable for Palestinian civilian deaths. Nahum Barnea says PM Netanyahu has retreated to a zero-sum mentality. The Israeli military confirms that two Gazans killed in shelling on Sunday were “not terrorists.” Gershon Baskin says a creative deal on settlements is possible. Osama Al Sharif says there is grave danger for the region in not achieving a peace agreement.

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