Negotiations are in question as Israel's settlement moratorium expires, and settlers begin new construction projects. Palestinians have not quit the talks. The Washington Post says Pres. Abbas has the most to lose from a breakdown, but he says with settlement activity talks are futile. The CSM says Abbas and PM Netanyahu should match Pres. Obama's risk-taking. An Israeli settler is injured in another drive-by shooting. Reuters looks at occupied Hebron. Settlers claim God gave them the West Bank. An AP photographer is injured by Israeli troops. PLO officials say they believe Israel will restrain settlement activity. Sec. Clinton asks Arab leaders to support Abbas. Nahum Barnea says all three leaders have miscalculated on the settlement issue. B'tselem says 6,371 Palestinians and 1,083 Israelis have died in armed conflict in the past 10 years. Israelis are still being induced to become settlers with heavy subsidies. Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Deputy PM Meridor. Raghida Dergham analyzes Palestinian state building.

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