Speculation about a wider conflict grows in the aftermath of the clash at the Israel-Lebanon border. Andrin Hauri says the international community must do more to support Palestinian state and institution building. An Israeli airstrike kills a Palestinian in Gaza. Israeli police again raze a rebuilt Bedouin village that was recently destroyed. Egypt says Palestinian factions in Gaza were responsible for recent rocket attacks. Palestinians say there are now more than half a million Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories. Gaza girls take up fishing to feed their families. Shlomo Avineri says support for a “one-state” arrangement from the Israeli right is rooted in opposition to ending the occupation. Menachem Klein questions the effectiveness of Palestinian state building but concludes Israel's system of control in the West Bank is nonetheless doomed. Eytan Gilboa warns Israelis not to conclude that Pres. Obama will not again pressure them on peace. Hezbollah leader Nasrallah accuses Israel of being responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hariri and vows to produce evidence. IT technology allows Israeli and Palestinian teenagers to build friendships.

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