Lebanon grants employment rights to Palestinian refugees. Aaron David Miller recalls trying to arrange a visit for Pres. Arafat to the Holocaust Museum. An American woman seeks justice for her Palestinian husband. An elderly woman is killed by unknown assailants in Gaza. Palestinians say Israeli settlers beat a 10-year-old Palestinian girl. The PA allocates $1 million for student fees. Israeli academics say they're being threatened by the extreme right. Announcement of direct negotiations continues to be delayed and the Quartet is reportedly ironing out differences on a statement. Three Palestinian children are held under onerous conditions by Israel. Four Palestinians face criminal charges for selling banned settlement goods. Edna Canetti says the occupation has become part of Israeli culture. Israeli teachers are ordered not to attend a Nakba seminar. Israel demolishes a Bedouin village for the fourth time in four weeks. Hamas says Israel is blocking mail services to Gaza. A Palestinian man seeks justice for the rubber bullet killing of his 10-year-old daughter by Israeli troops.

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