The Washington Post profiles the joint ATFP/APN internship program for Israeli and Palestinian students. George Will says PM Netanyahu and Pres. Obama do not understand each other. The CSM says land is a symbol of identity for Israelis and Palestinians. James Carroll looks at the importance of Jerusalem. Palestinians are pressing to bring the Quartet into efforts to revive direct negotiations. Netanyahu rejects the 1967 borders as a basis for negotiations. Arab leaders will meet in Cairo. Lebanon considers extending more rights to Palestinian refugees. Palestinian officials say the US has approved their proposal for framing direct negotiations, but await Israel's response. Israel's military is taking the narrowest possible interpretation of a court ruling opening a major West Bank highway to Palestinian traffic. Palestinian citizens who do not serve in Israel's military are denied university housing. Larry Derfner says the flotilla raid was ill-conceived. Interior Minister Yishai confirms that building after Sept. 26 will be confined to existing settlement blocs. Michael Young says Tony Judt's embrace of impossible bi-nationalism was a symptom of the lack of any real solution. Mshari Al-Zaydi says many have a stake in not resolving the conflict. Abdullah Iskandar says Pres. Abbas faces an impossible choice on direct talks.

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