No resolution is imminent in the Rachel Corrie civil trial. Israelis show less interest in military service. Pres. Abbas says Palestinians will decide their future. Israeli police and Bedouins clash at a mosque demolition. The PA says Israel raided thousands of Palestinian homes in October. Stressed-out Gazans suffer from emotional trauma. Israeli artists boycott settlement theaters. Anger at Israel flares during Jordan's election campaign. PLO and Egyptian officials stress the need to end Israeli settlement activity. Israel's wanted list in the West Bank is down to almost zero. Thomas Friedman warns Israelis they are losing American support. VP Biden stresses US support for Israel and opposition to unilateral moves. A Nazareth imam is charged with incitement to terrorism. PLO officials say they will ask the US to recognize a Palestinian state if talks fail. An Israeli filmmaker discovers her Palestinian forebears. Raghida Dergham predicts Pres. Obama will now focus on domestic policies. The Arab News says Israeli officials should be subject to possible arrest in the UK and Rami Khouri says Israel is right to fear international scrutiny. The undertaker (“gravedigger”), an article about Jeffery Feltman, appeared in the Syrian Daily Tishreen.

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