Saudi Arabia says it will not cooperate with Israel until the occupation ends. PM Rabin¹s murder may have marked the death of the Israeli peace camp. Hamas and Fatah are due to resume unity talks but the rise of the Hamas military complicates the issue and Hamas says Pres. Abbas is uncooperative. Israeli occupation forces raid the homes of Palestinian nonviolent protest leaders. The PLO says settler violence is on the rise. Palestinians give the US more time on peace talks. Israel considers leaving settlers in a Palestinian state. A Ha¹aretz investigation shows the Israeli government has summarily given land in occupied East Jerusalem to settlers. Lara Friedman looks at the impact of the midterm elections on US Mideast policy. UN officials in Gaza are given weapons for protection. Settlers develop a new lexicon of abuse. Abbas says Israel is ³building ferociously² in Jerusalem. Orly Azoulay says Pres. Obama still wants peace. The PA cracks down on settlement goods. The UK FM says time is running out for a two-state solution. The National profiles the incoming head of the House International Relations Committee, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen.

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