Gazans from across the political divide come together to reopen sports clubs. Palestinians say they won't be a pretext for US arms sales to Israel. Nablus' governor tours the city after a foiled Hamas assassination plot. The US blocks Palestinian moves for greater recognition in the UN. The US and Israel are struggling over terms of a settlement freeze deal. Israel condemns a web posting about Israeli soldiers. An Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinians in Gaza. Militants fire rockets into Israel from Gaza. A fired AIPAC staffer says he had no choice but to sue the organization, which hits back with more accusations. Doron Rosenblum says Zionism is becoming a childish religion. David Horovitz laments US-Israel tensions. Safed is becoming a hotbed of anti-Arab sentiment. The Jerusalem Post looks at the F-35 fighters the US may sell to Israel. Israel says the US has agreed it can build in occupied East Jerusalem, but no US document has been presented. Kieron Monks says aid to Palestine is life-support not development. Accusations grow against Steven Emerson. Israeli education students boycott the settlement of Ariel. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid says Pres. Arafat is badly missed.

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