The Israeli offensive in Gaza continues, in spite of efforts to find a ceasefire (1, 2). Palestinian civilian suffering is examined in numerous harrowing accounts, and the BBC asks, who is a civilian in this conflict (3, 4, 5, 6). Ha’aretz looks at how much time Israel has to continue its offensive, and American papers examine the role of the change in American administrations in the timing and conduct of the attack (7, 8, 9). Obama advisor Dennis Ross gives his views on a ceasefire (10). Al Jazeera critiques US media coverage of the conflict, while the Observer examines Israel’s media strategy (11, 12). Ephraim Sneh makes the case for the Israeli action and terms of a workable ceasefire, while Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed and the National question the political effects of the attack (13, 14, 15). An article posted on the official English-language website of the Muslim Brotherhood movement asserts that Hamas would welcome being freed from "the burden of government" (16).

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