Israel’s attack on Gaza now includes a major ground offensive (1, 2). Several analyses probe both Israel’s and Hamas’ war intentions and prospects of success (3, 4, 5). Arab and Palestinian reaction to the conflict remains sharply divided (6, 7). Ha’aretz suggests that an Arab regional effort is needed to craft a workable cease-fire, Sultan Al Qassemi in The National argues that whatever happens, Hamas should step down from power (8, 12). Reema Ali and Aaron David Miller explore the requirements for progress on a peace agreement, (9, 10). An original ATFP translation of a Hassan Khadr article from the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam argues that the Arabs are not learning the lessons of the past (13). The Dallas Morning News investigates the long-term effect of the Holy Land Foundation case on Muslim charitable giving, especially for Palestinian humanitarian causes (14).

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